ClearWAY is the tool to ensure your construction operations run like clockwork

From site management, to problem reporting, to incident logging and resolution, ClearWAY makes it easy

Task management, made easy

The tasks you carry out day to day can be easily modelled in ClearWAY, and then repeatedly allocated to your workforce in as little as two clicks!

This approach not only introduces standardisation, but enables you to gather information in real time, giving you better insight.

  • Standardise Tasks
  • Schedule regular activites
  • Gather information and images during completion
  • Automatically trigger remediation of problems
  • Monitor progress in real time
  • Generate Reports

Ditch the clipboard

Managing day to day site operations with ClearWAY means that you can be sure of a consistent approach, across one site or multiple, and reliable data to shape the way you manage your business. You can use ClearWAY task management and decisioning capabilities for any number of purposes:

  • Build inspections, including image capture
  • Diagnosing problems, and getting the right teams to site to fix them
  • Tracking multiple tasks across multiple teams
  • Health and Safety incident management

Custom walkthroughs, audits and inspections are easy with ClearWAY

You know what is important to you, how things need to be, and what to do when they aren`t quite right, but do your teams?

With ClearWAY you can create any process you like, made up of a number of Steps, which your colleague is guided through dependant on their responses.

If something isn't right, the process can take remedial actions, like sending in maintenance or a member of your cleaning team.

A range of steps to help you gather the data you need

ClearWAY contains a library of Step types, so you can gather all sorts of information, have your colleague take a photo, scan a barcode, provide their location, and many other things - all of which can be used to determine the direction of the overall task:

Example ClearWAY Step Library

Stay on track and spot problems

With the ClearWAY dashboard, you can display various metrics which are important to you, and monitor your most important tasks in real time.

From the dashboard you can drill down to the tasks which matter to you in a single click.

You can also easily build customised reports with the ClearWAY reporting engine.

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Alternatively, if you would like a free customised demonstration, please contact us.

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